About Us


Working from home or from coffee shops may seem like a cheap alternative to a coworking space in Shanghai, but we all know that costs can quickly add up. Order a cup of coffee, a snack and before you know it, you have already spent a ¥ 100 plus, just to work for a couple of hours.It can be hard to find an affordable, quiet space with reliable WiFi and plenty of power outlets in prime areas around the city.

At Urban Office we capitalise on restaurants that are normally idle during the day, by turning them into co-working spaces and meeting rooms.

Comfortable desk, coffee, tea and snacks, reliable Wifi connection, printing services, quiet and serene working environment:
Add to that the ability to replicate the same across multiple convenient locations across the city.
We have it all!

By joining Urban Office, you’ll not only be able to work at prime locations around Shanghai, but you’ll also have access to exclusive events, perks, happy hours and community benefits throughout the city.


Most office or coworking spaces tend be very similar in terms of their architecture and décor. There is a mindset that office space requires a minimalistic desk, chair and a computer. The most you do to brighten up your work space is to add a few pictures or post-it’s. Ultimately leading to an uninspiring and boring workspace. At urban office we aim to break these shackles and think out of the box. You can choose a completely different workspace each day, with our multiple locations across the city. Since each restaurant that we turn into a coworking space, has its own character and theme, you get a different look, feel, décor and environment all together. With each restaurant set in a different neighborhood you never get bored.

While many of Shanghai’s coworking options cost over 4 to 5k a month, coworking in a restaurant provides an affordable alternative for remote workers and freelancers at just 35 RMB a day, which includes free Tea, coffee, Wifi and other basic amenities. In other words, restaurant coworking costs about the same as a cup of coffee and you get to use the space for the whole day. Urban Office also has various package options for access to all it’s location across the city at even more economical prices. Check our package options here “Link to package options”

Signing up for a co-working space or renting a small office space, ties you down to a particular location. High cost and a yearly contract discourages remote worker and freelancers to commit to single location. Urban Office offers the solution to this problem, you can have access to multiple locations throughout the city with a single membership; Option to book a new place everyday, gives you the flexibility and mobility needed to run your business.

Members are even allowed to have limited number of guests! Which means you can even take your meetings at your new work space. No need to travel for an hour, for a 30 minute meeting. Members can invite limited number of guests for a time period and use the space without any extra charge (Valid only for package deals).

With like minded and creative individuals from different industries all around you, the urban office community provides a platform for members to collaborate.

All of our partner restaurants offer a special affordable lunch menu to Urban Office members. Coworking in a restaurant anyway gives you access to the great menus at the places you’re working from. Instead of grabbing a quick bite or being rushed to leave your table after a lunch, you can order great food and host affordable working lunch or dinner meetings.
No more feeling guilty that you’re hogging a table during the morning rush hour at a coffee shop or not making purchases throughout the day. Order and enjoy your meals at your own pace.


Give us some details about your space and we will get in touch with you.